Self-defined Voice Annunciation
The user can directly download voice annunciation in different languages and also zone alert tone to the radio through the PC software based on needs. After powering on, the voice annunciation will automatically switch to the local language.

Compact Size with Clear & Loud Audio
The application of 1W high-power loudspeaker and advanced digital voice encoding as well as forward error correction make it possible for the user to hear clear and loud audio even in noisy environments.

Improved Call Capacity with DMO 2-slot
The feature of DMO 2-slot allows two group calls on the same frequency at the same time in Direct Mode.

Smooth Transition and Compatibility with Both Analog and Digital Mode
It supports both digital and analog mode, so the user can go on using the existing analog radio to talk to DP405.
Longer Operation Duration

TDMA Technology and Power-Saving Feature for Extended Battery Life
DP405 with standard 2000mAH battery can perform for 16 hours to meet the user’s demands on longer operation.

ARC 40-bit Encryption Guarantees Safe Communication
It supports ARC 40-bit encryption, which guarantees communication safety and prevent from being eavesdropped.

Various Digital Signaling
It supports features such as Radio Check, Call Alert, Stun/Revive, Radio Kill, and Remote Monitor, which makes radio management easy.