Connect Hospital

Connect HCS (Hospital Communication System) is the next evolution of our communication systems, Connect is designed to work seamlessly with todays modern IT infrastructure.

The Connect HCS system provides true ownership and traceability for all your on site staff communication providing the ability to easily track and manage workflow, tasks and communication.

Connect HCS provides staff communication via pagers, smart devices, dect phone and email utising its core smart message engine. With the Connect task management module you can direct specific staff calls as required and control escalations to direct to the appropriate staff members or groups depending on your own pre-set rules.

Connect HCS Core Features

  • Web Based configuration and management interface
  • Accessible from any computer with network access
  • EMS (Event management System) provides complete control of event workflow communication
  • Option for communication via smart devices providing two way communication
  • Smart watch option for active two way communication
  • Full messaging platform accessible by multiple user accounts from any network PC
  • Pager integration for communication via on-site pagers

Connect HCS provides a full messaging and event management platform offering total control and communications for hospitals.