Quiet Call CP Networked

iFlex CP Networked Patient Paging System

The Quiet Call CP Networked patient paging system is designed for hospitals that want to utilise a patient call system to cover an extended range, a large site or multiple departments. With a network connected patient call system it is possible to cover greater distances than a stand alone system.

Quiet Call CP Networked uses iFlex tablets for calling patients, a patient can be added on to the system and the screen shows all patients waiting along with the elapsed time. When a patient is required they can be called with via the touch screen.

We offer a range of iFlex tablets with desk top, wall mount and even portable options. You can even add patients on to the system from one iFlex unit and call them from another.

Because the Quiet Call Networked patient pager system is connected via the sites computer network the systems transmitters can be located wherever they are required ensuring that there are no black spots or out of coverage areas.

The iFlex networked patient pager system uses our robust IP54 rated antibacterial pagers which are manufactured using antimicrobial additives helping fight the spread of infectious diseases.

Network Security

Even though the iFlex Quiet Call utilises the sites network the iFlex system ensures integrity and network security as it does not require connection to the internet or external servers.

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