Quiet Call Networked Patient Paging System

iFlex Quiet Call

A patient paging system will help streamline the patient flow process in busy outpatient departments and reduced congestion in waiting rooms. Offering a patient a pager whilst they are waiting for their appointment allows a patient to visit the cafe or restaurant or move outside to get some fresh air but still be called when they are needed. A patient pager also eliminates the need to call patients names providing confidentiality and complying with NHS guidelines.

iFlex Quiet Call Networked provides individual or multiple departments with a system that can cover even the largest hospital site. iFlex Quiet Call networked is a system that is connected using the hospitals computer network to communicate from smart desk top terminals to individual or multiple transmitters located across the facility.

iFlex Quiet Call is the next generation of patient paging for the hospitals  utilising smart touch screen tablets. Calling patients has never been easier or more efficient than using the iFlex system.

Antibacterial Pagers

Ultra Patient Pagers are manufactured using microbial additives to help control the spread of infectious diseases. The Ultra Pager is IP54 rated offering protection against liquid ingress and dust.



Features and Benefits

  • Improve patients waiting experience
  • Simple to use touch screen system
  • Reduce waiting room congestion
  • Options for multiple tablet consoles for greater flexibility
  • Full site coverage if required
  • Full reporting of wait times and response times
  • SMS text option to mobile phones available

iFlex Patient Paging System

How it Works

  • Patient arrives and is added on to the iFlex system and given a pager
  • The Patient is free to move away from the waiting area to use cafe's or other facilities
  • When the patient is required simply call the patient using the smart touch screen display
  • Patient returns and the pager is placed back in the charging rack
Patient Pager