Patient Flow Management

Managing patient flow in busy outpatient areas can be be challenging. Patients waiting for appointments can often have extended wait times which can be frustrating and stressful for both the patients and staff.

A simple way to relieve frustration is to allow patients to move away from the waiting area and relax in the hospitals cafe or restaurant whilst they wait for their appointment. This is the ideal option for most outpatient areas, the problem is once the patient leaves the waiting area how do you call them back for their appointment and have visibility in to patients waiting for appointments that have left the waiting room.

iFlex Quiet Call Networked patient paging provides provides total control & visibility with all patients who have left the waiting area shown on a tablet screen with the ability to call them back when required for their appointment instantly.

Quiet Call Patient Paging Systems also help maintain patient confidentiality eliminating the need to call patients by name.

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Patient Pager